Simpsons Porn Story: Unlikely Babysitters – Chapter I

Simpsons Porn Story: Unlikely Babysitters – Chapter I

There was fear in Milhouse’s eyes. The sight was not unfamiliar as any sane person put into the same situation would feel the same. At least, anyone without as much guts as Bart Simpson, his best friend. But Milhouse, as always, had caved to his friend’s demand. He never could resist his friend’s influence. In many ways, the blue haired boy looked up to Bart. Though his couldn’t agree to his chaotic nature, Milhouse admired and desired the rebel’s spark of life and courage, and so he followed him everywhere, hoping some of it would rub off of him.

The scenery in the distance seemed still, but the ground broke the illusion as it sped along its erratic path. The radio controlled car, adorned with five powerful bottle rockets, raced past car after car parked alongside Evergreen Terrace. Milhouse worried that the small car might do some serious damage to them, but Bart cared not, instead cheering it on as it almost collided with Flanders’ humble Geo, swerving at the last moment through some flaw in the pavement.

Finally, much to the blue haired boy’s relief, it veered to the center of the street just as the explosives detonated, sending last year’s birthday present into a fiery oblivion. Bart wasted no time in rushing to the smoldering wreckage and Milhouse followed soon after.

“Woah, look at the blast marks in the pavement!” Bart said as he approached the melting plastic. It didn’t look like a car anymore, just a red and blue splatter of goo, the memories being all that remained of the toy. Bart took a deep breath of the fumes.

“Ahh. Smells like victory, doesn’t it Milhouse?”

But the boy didn’t want to take the acrid smoke in as he knew the dangers of plastic smoke. But he also knew that telling his buddy would have been useless and would just make Bart laugh at him and call his knowledge stupid, so he kept silent. In any case, the spiky haired boy wasn’t looking at him, he was too busy nudging the wreckage with his shoe. He was fascinated by the mess he had caused and briefly wondered if he could do some more reckless damage to anything. But failing to find anything suitable to destroy and growing tired with the plastic mess, he trotted over to the sidewalk in front of his house, waving to his friend to follow as he scrapped the sticky substance from his shoe.

“C’mon, let’s grab something to eat and play the new game Homer bought me. I want to see you bleed and blow up,” he added with his distinctive maniacal laugh and before Milhouse could even voice his agreement, the seemingly fearless ten year old was already slipping into his house. Milhouse caught up with him in the kitchen, just in time to hear him start complaining to his mother.

“You can’t be serious mom; I cleaned up my room like two months ago!”

“I don’t want to hear it young man. You promised you’d clean up and you didn’t. I’m sure you haven’t done your homework either.”


“Bart spent the whole night reading comic books,” they heard a familiar voice say from the living room. Lisa was watching Krusty the Clown with Maggie and had heard the whole debacle. She knew that Bart would either take the TV to play his games or be punished and since she could stay one step ahead, she did.

The few words only confirmed what Marge already knew and she pointed towards his room. “No more excuses, now go to your room and I don’t want you to come out until it’s clean and your homework is done young man!”

Milhouse watched the exchange silently, his own mother having had similar discussions with him before, even though he was a good and clean kid. He suddenly felt lucky not to have a sibling who would rat him out, though Lisa never was too far from his thoughts. Marge’s attention turned back to her cleaning and she missed Milhouse obediently following Bart up towards his room, though not before the rebellious boy gave a rather nasty scowl to his sister.

“Aww man, this blows.” Bart said as he threw himself on his bed, falling on his back and bouncing once or twice before remaining still. He had no intention of doing any cleaning up. ‘That’ll teach her,’ he thought. On the other side however, Milhouse had already started grabbing some of the toys and putting them in the closet. It wouldn’t be the best clean up ever, but he knew how to appease moms and if it could get Bart out of trouble, he was happy to do it.

“Milhouse! What are you doing?” Bart shouted as he saw what his friend was doing. Milhouse almost jumped out of his skin when Bart yelled, but quickly attempted to collect himself and his thoughts.

“I was just picking up a little, trying to get your mom off your back.” He replied after a momentary pause, to which Bart scoffed. Moments passed in silence, Milhouse just gazing at his best friend, unsure if he should continue or not. Then, as he was about to resume his cleaning duties, Bart slid off the bed and began rummaging through his drawers, pulling out the latest copy of “Radioactive Man”.

“It’s not like I’ve never been grounded in my room you know,” he said as he proudly displayed the cover page. Wanna read it?” But before Milhouse could even think of a reply, he added “Shhhh!”, placing a finger in front of his lips. The room now turned silent, they heard approaching foot steps in the stairs. Quickly, Bart hid his magazine again and jumped to join his friend, faking the cleaning of his room. As expected, moments later, the door opened, revealing his mom.

“Bart,” she said, “I have to go out to get your father. Moe just called and your father… needs some help to get home,” she concluded, purposely remaining vague but the exasperation in her voice all too familiar.

“Passed out again?” Bart asked, expressionless. Marge just ignored the question.

“I’ll also be taking Lisa to her band rehearsal, so I’ll need you to watch Maggie until I get back,” she added, holding the baby in her arm. She looked around at the dirty room, seeing a bit of work put into it but certainly nowhere near enough. “I expect to see a major improvement in your room when we get back, otherwise you can kiss all your video game privileges goodbye,” she added before handing the child to her big brother and disappeared back downstairs.

Bart waited, heard the girls leave the house and once the car had pulled out of the driveway, he made way towards the door.

“What are you doing Bart?” Milhouse asked. “Your mom said…”

“My mom says a lot of things,” he abruptly interrupted. “But she won’t do anything rough. She’s all talk,” he added with a grin. “Come on, let’s get back to that game!” And he dashed back down to the living room. Milhouse and Maggie looked at each other with a worried look. This could only end badly.

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Marge Simpson is prepared to rail your fuck-stick with her bulls eye until you pack her up!

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GIF Animation: Marge Simpson is prepared to rail your fuck-stick with her bulls eye until you pack her up!
Turn on the most red-hot tit and bum air-castle of the honorable Simpsons worthies and bad fairies relishing warrigal and sensual Bacchanalia after fighting for global authority! Blonde Simpsons babe with a fuckable body gets her pussy, anal crack, mouth and tits filled with massive schlongs and gets her tits washed with cum… Cute buxom Marge Simpson getting out of her clothes, squeezing her boobs, spreading her pussy and pumping her pussy with a bog sex toy.

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Simpsons Porn Story: Simpsons: Part 1 – Bart And Lisa’s Day Alone

Simpsons Porn Story: Simpsons: Part 1 – Bart And Lisa’s Day Alone

Bart was all alone with his sister Lisa. Their parents had gone out. Since
they were alone Bart decided to watch one of Homer’s porno videos. Lisa was
upstairs doing her homework like all ways. After a while Bart started getting
a hard on so he decided to pull his cock. Knowing that Lisa was doing her
homework he decided to jerk off, moaning and grunting as quietly as he could
having never felt any of this he was in his own private heaven. Then he heard
Lisa call him upstairs to get the dog out of the attic.

“Get him out on your own damn self bitch,” he said.

“Forget it I have to finish my work and it’s your dog.”

“Stupid Lisa and her work.”

He paused the porno and went upstairs. When Lisa came down stairs for
something to eat she saw the movie paused. She decided to press start to
watch it. Knowing that Bart takes a long time to get he dog out of the
attic she decided to pleasure herself like she saw Marge do once.

First she stuck one finger in her pussy liking it and moaning in pleasure,
she slowly pulled it out and in creating a small rythinm. Bart took less
time taking the dog out but said nothing knowing Lisa would want him to do
something else. He walked slowly to the living room when he saw the movie
playing. He snuck up and saw his sister fingering herself.

“Wow, sis, I never knew you liked pleasing yourself like this.”

Lisa startled just froze with her finger still inside her. “Bart don’t ever
do that again you bastard!”

“Now, now sis don’t do something to break and leave your finger inside you.”

Not really telling her that he liked what he was seeing cause he thought that
she would think worse of him. Lisa who saw Bart’s cock erect decided to move
slowly towards her brother.

“Well seeing as how you are responsible for this new me, you’ll have to take
good care of it.”

“What are you talking about –” cut off by his sister undoing his zipper and
pulling out hi 2 inch cock.

“Oh this kind of taking care of I can do.”

“Good cause I really need to be taken care of.”

With nothing more to say Lisa took Bart’s prick into her mouth sucking and
licking him. All Bart could do was moan. He then saw a dude licking a female
and decide to try that after he came. He took off his sister’s dress so it
wouldn’t disturb him and started licking.

After a while Lisa said, “Come on Bart fuck your little sister’s brains out.”

Bart more than happy to do it, placed his sister’s cunt and placed it over
his hard ass cock.

“Oh god Bart harder, harder cum in meeeeeeee!!!”

After a while they heard a car pull up so they ran upstairs naked with their
clothes in their hands and went into Lisa’s room.

Homer was passed out on the driver’s seat and Marge was drunker than she has
ever been. She went inside to hear some moaning and panting coming from the
living room, she saw the porno movie on.

“Oh, Bart how could you be watching this filth. Hey you know this is kinda

Marge then decided to leave Homer in the car and took the movie to her room.

Meanwhile in Lisa’s room Bart had Lisa on all fours ready to stick his cock
into his sister’s sweet virgin ass. Lisa howled in pain making Marge startled
wondering if she should check on her little angel or keep sticking a 4 inch
dildo in her. (Which you think she chooses).

After 10 minutes of Bart butt fucking her Lisa was moaning and screaming in
ecstasy. Bart decided to stay asleep with his dick in Lisa’s ass. Marge came
and now decided to go check up on Lisa.

“Hi, honey,” said Marge barely keeping her balance, “is everything ok I heard
you scream.”

“Everything is fine Bart made it all better, by the way so I won’t get scared
at night can Bart sleep with me.”

“Sure, honey, what ever you want.”

Not knowing that Bart had his cock in his sister she went to her room and
dildoed herself into another orgasm before she went to sleep

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Simpsons Porn Story: Bart’s friday night at his aunts house

Simpsons Porn Story: Bart’s friday night at his aunts house

Last friday Bart spent the night fucking his aunt Selma and Patty Bouvier his mothers older sisters and he would never have even thought of such a thing under normal circumstances but for what had happened the week before with his sister Lisa and his best friend milhouse. What happened was so wild and crazy he still couldn’t quite believe it had really happened. Once again his mother was sending him back to spend the night with them and his sister maggie. when he was younger they would give him money for singing too them but now they where paying him for satisfying their perverted love for him. For as soon as maggie had been bathed and feed on first selma’s right tit and then on patty’s left breast which had a strange affect on Bart’s cock he knew that he would be in for a wild night again just like last week he thought to himself. Bart cast his mind back to last week when it had all begun first fucking his aunt selma then fucking his aunt patty when she had just happened to walk in on the two of them in mid thrust and about to cum.Bart’s aunt wasn’t the only one in an embarrassing position here he was rushing into something illegal what was his aunt patty going to say at what she had just saw, dick in hand so to speak and selma riding her nephew like a bucking bronco, Bart would say this for his aunt patty she sure was some classy lady as she certainly handled the situation with far more cool and aplomb than he did. She acted like she was sitting in his mother’s living room drinking tea and making small talk instead of standing at his bedroom door watching her sister selma lying naked on their queen size bed. All she said was “Don’t I get a hug as well Bart ? But Barts aunt patty had no intention of making things that easy for him so as her arms went around his neck and as she pulled him down on the bed on top of her her laughter filled the room. Releasing the hold she had on Barts neck and instead using one hand to press his hand all the more firmly about her breast. Bart then sat up but made no effort to actually get off the bed. Aunt patty or no aunt patty as his body was beginning to respond to her charms and the heady scent of her perfume. She just pulled him to her again and tried to cradle Bart’s head on her boobs. She was breathing pretty hard and he couldn’t help noticing that her nipples stood out an inch or more from the caramel-colored areolas that topped her heavy breasts. Reaching out for Bart his aunt started to stroke his cock which was now starting to regain it hard thick length. His aunt patty gave him a knowing little smile when she felt how aroused Bart was. In a tone that was obviously meant to soothe and relax him she crooned “Who’s to know Bart? There’s no sense in spending the night alone is there? This is just between you, me and your aunt selma.” Bart’s aunt patty’s bush was soaking wet with her juices just from watching him and selma fucking and as he moved his head down to her creamy thigh Bart was on the verge of burying his face in her crotch when a restraining palm to his forehead stopped him cold. His aunt patty started fisted Barts pulsing cock in her hand then leaning over his lap she engulfed Barts whole erection in the warm wetness of her sucking mouth. Barts cock head bumped against the back of patty’s throat as his aunt pushed her lips down and down until they touched the crinkle of Bart’s pubic hair. He stroked her long soft hair and her creamy back and shoulders savoring all the delicious sensations her experienced lips and tongue were providing him. At last patty’s fingers tantalized Bart’s balls as the first contraction of his ball sack sent a huge glob of cock cream to splatter against the back of his aunt’s throat.

Her mouth quit its bobbing and locked in on the flared ridge of Bart’s spewing cock head so it felt like she was really and truly sucking his creamy load out of his cock like a drinking straw in a soft drink. When Bart was finally empty his aunt patty raised her head. The pink of her tongue came out and licked all the gleaming residue from her wide generous lips. She lay back on the bed and opened her legs wide for him. It tickled him to see that her thick pubic hair was trimmed into the shape of a heart. I want to taste your pussy.” Bart said. His aunt tasted and smelled fresh as his tongue licked her soft inner flesh his taste buds where savoring the tangy drops of her juices.

Teasing her clit just a little gave Bart a new supply of his aunt patty’s nectar to enjoy. Bart lapped it all up eagerly.Aunt patty’s ass was squirming and her thighs were scissoring Bart’s head as he drove her closer and closer to her release. Her whimpering moans told him just how successful his pussy-eating was. “So good so good Bart … So long … It’s been so long Bart … Don’t stop please don’t stop Bart” patty urged him her fingers pulling at Bart’s hair and ears trying to draw his face tighter against her pretty pussy. Then all of her body was rocking on the mattress as she shook with release and relief and orgasm. She pushed her hips up off the bed and ground her whole cunt against Bart’s mouth and tongue. Warm and wonderful-tasting fluid drenched his mouth and his whole face as she came and came. Patty laid back on the bed with her sister selma and selma started kissing her on the lips a wet lover’s kiss. Moving down to her breasts selma sucked hard on her sisters nipples while Bart moved behind Patty who was now on her hands and knees and eased his long thick penis between her legs Bart pushed it deep into his aunts pussy. Selma touched her sisters legs which she moved apart allowing her to slip between the hot gooey folds of her sister pussy. Patty squealed with delight as a finger entered her anus impaling her squirming ass with her sisters finger. patty bucked her hips to meet Bart’s thrusts hunching her cunt up at Bart’s pounding cock with ever-increasing urgency. Bart fucked in and out of his aunt patty’s tight clenched pussy the fact that they were being watched intently by selma and with her finger in patty’s ass was an incredible turn-on for Bart. It must have been effecting patty in a similar fashion he thought because her cunt felt different somehow wetter even tighter. Bart’s cock felt like it was made just to fit his aunts pussy as it caressed every vein as it slipped in and out of her cunt. The thought made selma turn and stare at her sister kneeling beside her being fucked by her nephew Bart. Suddenly Bart groaned loudly and announced he was about to unload his cum into his aunt patty’s pussy beneath him. His pounding increased in speed as his cock exploded inside her pussy filling it up with his hot seed. He collapsed on top of her completely spent for the time being. He then rolled off leaving her well fucked pussy on display. Selma had returned to fingering her pussy at this point and was also close to brining herself off. However the sight of her sister lying spreadeagled on the bed with a pussy dribbling with her nephew’s spunk dripping out of it was causing a strange feeling inside her. Patty looked at her and smiled she held out her arms and beckoned her sister towards her. Selma leaned down and carefully let her lips meet her sisters as they shared a tender kiss. They had kissed before but only in private this was different and both seemed to sense it.Their tongues began to probe each others mouth as the kissing became more passionate and frantic. Bart slipped off the bed and sat in a chair in the corner of the room to watch the scene unfold. Selma’s hand stroked patty’s face lightly touching her cheek. She lowered it inch by inch down her face onto her neck and then finally finding her tits. Selma let her fingers gently flick the nipples of her sisters, patty moaned and closed her eyes enjoying the sensation her sister was giving her. Selma began to squeeze patty’s tits and was thoroughly enjoying the feeling. Selma then started kissed her way down patty’s face lightly licking and tasting the delicious sweetness of her skin. Lower she went following the path her hand had taken seconds before until again she reached her sister’s breasts. Selma delicately let her tongue flick over patty’s nipples and then took her left breast deeply into her mouth. She suckled on it eagerly “Mmmmm” patty moaned at her sisters expert sucking. Selma’s hand had continued to travel down patty’s body and was now finding its way to her wet pussy. Patty let out a sigh of delight as she felt Selma’s fingers stroke her hot pussy. She was stroking and caressing the outer lips of her sisters hot cunt eager to slip a finger inside to feel the hotness that was inside together with the contents that had been deposited by her nephew Bart. “Touch me Selma” patty begged ” Put your fingers inside me i want to feel you inside me.” Selma looked at her sister and smiled she resumed her sucking of her tits but this time she let her fingers slightly probe the inner folds of patty’s hot pussy. God it was wet and hot!! She let her finger go deeper until it was fully inside her she rocked it back and forth inside her sisters cunt patty moaned in pleasure at the probing her sister selma was giving her. Selma inserted a second and then a third finger into the hot pussy beneath her. She was now fucking her sister and both of them were enjoying it. She could feel patty’s juices squelching between her fingers she pulled her hand out and inhaled the musky hot scent that coated her fingers. Selma couldn’t resist the temptation of tasting them she inserted them one by one into her mouth and sucked them clean. Selma had licked pussy juice off her fingers before but that had always been her own juices she was surprised how different yet sweet her sister’s tasted then she remembered that not only did she have patty’s pussy juices on her fingers but they were also coated in Bart’s cum which he shot inside her just moment’s before. This additional realization made her hotter than before was she turned on because there was someones cum inside there or was it even dirtier because that cum was her own nephew’s. She found herself pushing her hand back in to her own cunt again at this thought and immediately began to rub her hot damp cunt through her sopping wet bush. This was the most turned on she had ever felt she found herself instinctively edging down the bed until eventually her face was between patty’s legs. She lowered her head and began kissing the inside of her sisters thighs. First one leg then the other each time getting closer to her ultimate goal her sisters cunt. My god she was enjoying this her cunt by now was soaking wet almost to the point where it appeared she had wet herself. Eventually she reached the promised land and found her tongue touching the lips of her sister’s wet cum soaked pussy. She could smell her juices now as well as the faint aroma of cum. She extended her tongue and eased the tip into her pussy. Patty sighed loudly at the touch of selma’s tongue. She loved having her pussy eaten out but somehow now it was her sister doing it was much more enjoyable. “Lick me Selma taste me eat my cunt.” patty moaned.” Selma probed deeper by now her tongue was firmly inside her sisters cunt eagerly licking and drinking down her juices this was wonderful. She wanted her to come on her tongue. She reached up and began to rub patty’s clit with her thumb she could feel her juices increasing the faster she rubbed. Patty was moaning loudly now and was thrashing about on the bed obviously enjoying selmas touch. Selma was lapping furiously at her sisters pussy now this was definitely something that she would enjoy more in the future irrespective whether it was patty’s pussy or maybe even her other sister marge. All of this hot action had got Bart hard again as he had been watching closely and lets face it which boy is not going to find two older women making out?. He was desperate to join in as he could no longer sit there and just watch this action. He got up and walked round the side of the bed his erect cock was in his hands and he was stroking it. He was hoping to slip it back into his aunt patty’s mouth again she was an expert cock sucker and he wanted her to show it. He leaned forward to guide his throbbing cock into her mouth when suddenly a hand reached out and grabbed it. It was his aunt Selma that was touching his cock and fucking hell he was enjoying it. Selma began to jerk Barts cock between her fingers as she simultaneously licked patty’s cunt. She was being a dirty slut and she was loving it. Just how dirty could his aunt selma be? She was beginning to discover that sex was now a glorious experience and she wasn’t too bothered who it was with as long as she was having and giving pleasure was all that mattered to selma. Patty screamed out and announced she was cumming so selma started to licked faster and then nibbled on patty’s clit just to push her over the edge. Suddenly her tongue and face was sprayed with hot pussy juice she licked the excess off her chin and looked up at her thoroughly contented sister. She then realized she was still holding Bart’s cock in her hand. She should have been shocked but instead she felt herself get hotter she looked at him and smiled she wanted more and she guessed he wanted some more too. She climbed up her sister and her face was now directly in front of Bart’s cock she looked at him and then at his impressive 7 inch tool. Once again instincts took over and as she lowered her head towards his cock. She automatically opened her mouth and let her nephew slip his member inside it. Bart couldn’t believe what was happening he had never really thought of his aunt Selma as anything other than his aunt. That however had now changed as he was pushing his throbbing cock into his aunts hot wet cunt. He was surprised at how good she was at this where did she learn to suck cock? Bart grabbed the back of Selma’s head as he powered his cock into her mouth this was so strange, here he was getting a blow job from his mother’s sister while his other aunt lay beneath them. Just the thought of that was keeping Barts cock rock hard and he guessed he was pretty close to cumming inside her mouth. He reached down and squeezed his aunt Selma’s tits which were being sucked hard by his aunt patty selmas sister. His aunt’s tits felt wonderful to the touch he now had one in each hand and was massaging them. Selma moaned her enjoyment she was engrossed in the feelings she was experiencing. His aunt patty slid from under Selma and went round the bottom of the bed. She reached up and caressed her sister’s ass then she started stroked her ass with one hand while the other was finding its way up underneath Selma where She found her open hot wet cunt. “Fucking hell Selma your cunt is soaking wet you dirty slut.” Announced patty “You are either so turned on or you have pissed yourself” Patty pressed her fingers firmly against her sisters wet cunt lips and pushed them into her pussy. Selma again moaned in enjoyment she was now tugging Bart’s cock furiously and sucking for all she was worth. She really wanted him to fill her mouth up with his seed. However her mind began to wander as she became aware that her sister had lifted legs up and spread them and was now lowering her fingers to her cunt. She felt her touch her pussy with her fingertips and she shuddered at the tender touch. Patty then parted Selma’s pussy lips and eased two fingers into her hot cunt. “Fuck me patty” Selma pleaded taking Bart’s cock out of her for just a second. Patty probed deeper with her fingers her and her sisters juices dripping between them she slipped them out and sucked them clean. “Oh you taste so fucking hot Selma i could drink your juices for ever” patty whispered in her sisters ear. She then returned too eat out Selmas’s hot cunt and selma continued to suck on Bart’s cock. “Eat me patty make me cum please.” Selma cried. “Oh you will cum selma but not yet I want to see more” patty replied. Patty looked up at Bart and smiled and then beckoned him towards her. He looked back and suddenly realized what was going to happen. He pushed his aunt selma away from his cock she looked up at him and almost begged him to continue. However before she could say anything Bart had got into position behind her and was now touching her pussy with his fingers. He pushed her down onto the bed still on all fours and took a firm hold of his cock. Slowly he eased the tip of it into his aunt selma’s tight pussy. Inch by inch it slid inside her Selma moaned as it filled her up. Once fully in her hot wet cunt he began to rock backward to build up a rhythm. His cock now rooting deep into her hot wet tight cunt his balls slapping on her ass as he fucked her. He grabbed her hips for extra momentum and was now fucking her harder than he had ever fucked before. The fact that the person he was fucking was his own aunt turned him on even more. “Oh fuck aunt selma you are wonderful. Why did we never do this before” Bart shouted. “We are going to have a lot of fun from now onwards i wont be able to leave you or aunt patty alone” Patty watched intently as her nephew Bart vigorously fucked her sister selma his own mother’s sister and found the scene before her highly erotic. She couldn’t resist allowing her hand to drift between her own legs gently stroking her wet pussy. She eased a finger into her cunt and began to fuck herself. “mmmm” patty moaned again nearing another orgasm her fingers now a blur as she frigged herself furiously with three fingers buried deep inside her hot wet cunt. She looked over and could see Bart giving his aunt selma the fucking of her life. Bart leaned beneath Selma to squeeze her tits as he pounded into her from behind she had a wonderful body and he could not get enough of it. His thick cock was throbbing as it slammed in and out of his aunts hot cunt. He had a tit in each hand and was using them to pull his aunt Selma back further onto his long thick shaft it enabled Bart to bury the full length up into her hot pussy. “Fuck me Bart, Fuck me harder please i want you to fill me with your hot cum” Selma begged. Bart regained his grip on Selma’s hips and if possible pistonned faster into her. He was nearing his orgasm now and though he thought about pulling out and firing his cum onto her ass he was too far gone and suddenly he felt his balls spasm and then his cock erupted inside her. Selma and Bart collapsed onto the bed in a sweaty hot mass of arms and legs. Both completely satisfied with what had just occurred. Both seemed to sense it wouldn’t be the last time they enjoyed each others body but Bart didn’t know he would be sharing her with his father too and if Selma had anything to do with it many others beside. Selma and patty got up and went to shower and left Bart lying naked on their bed. Once they were gone he was alone with his thoughts which were already taking him to other conquests. Where could he next explore his sexual desires and who with and did the other person have to be attractive or was it only the actual act of sex he was interested in. He would need to test this theory in future

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Big tits and wet pussy – this is Marge Simpson taking a shower!

Simpsons Hentai Videos

Hentai Picture: Big tits and wet pussy – this is Marge Simpson taking a shower!
Incidentally, it is not an Simpsons intercourse one can spot in this picture? Lecherous Marge Simpson blowing off a cock like she was taught to do it and getting fucked in her asshole with no mercy… Beware as this Simpsons thing is much more skillful than you think: the most experienced studs with huge tools pull sexiest girls on their massive cocks here…

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Swxy damsel Jessie Lovejoy doesn’t mind you to join her fun with Lisa’s bootie

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Hentai Picture: Swxy damsel Jessie Lovejoy doesn’t mind you to join her fun with Lisa’s bootie
Watch seemingly well-brought-up modest girls of Simpsons sitting on their appetizing asses astraddle to show their tight flashing with desire splits and juicy red dicks making their huge balls spank over meaty yummy ass sphere… A bitch from Simpsons DPed between two huge wieners that spray her pretty face with a shower of manly cream… Jessie Lovejoy exhibits her awesome tight bum and flat stomach with piercing as she gets her internal share of hot cum in front of the camera for the first time!

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Ms Krabappel luvs it when guy can hold her weight on his boner… and Ned can!

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Hentai Picture: Ms Krabappel luvs it when guy can hold her weight on his boner… and Ned can!
It staggers belief, but these bestial aggressive taken Simpsons valiants are aware no end about fuck-fests, they are not as lily white as you ; jaloused when you leer them over TV. We are anxious to nail this bosomy Simpsons babe featuring a hot pair of ass cheeks and a cock-starved pussy. Tight teen Ned Flanders gives blowjobs to a pair of hung hunks, has her tight butthole stretched to its limits and doesn’t stop getting fucked until everyone had a turn…

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Marge Simpson like morning rigid fuck-a-thon on sofa

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Marge Simpson like morning rigid fuck-a-thon on sofa
Those Simpsons are just too sex-starved with lots of revealing scenes that just start, and you can imagine what they do next… Naughty babe from Simpsons hentai comic is too willing to participate in this hardest pussy pumping action of all her previous experience. It is obvious that Marge Simpson lusty hootchies haven’t been poked and for the eternity!for too long a time! 😉

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Lisa Simpson flashes her cock-squeezing enjoy fuck-holes

Simpsons Hentai Videos

Lisa Simpson flashes her cock-squeezing enjoy fuck-holes
This too explicit rendition of Simpsons frenzy the most fuckable personages of this show get engaged into tit-bouncing and cum-drenched pastimes… Incidentally, it is not a Lisa Simpson love-making I can see in this picture? and … A whore from a well-known Simpsons porn tv-show sandwiched between a pair of sizey cocks that spray her pretty face with semen rain!

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Marge Simpson looks highly weakened of this immense boner… and looks like it’s not Homer’s boner at all!

The Simpsons Hentai

Marge Simpson looks highly weakened of this immense boner… and looks like it’s not Homer’s boner at all!
Simpsons characters have nothing better to do than doing it anew a scorching new episode of this bizarre sex toon that cannot have enough of raw sex and for their sexual desires! Simpsons hentai ladies are some well-known fuck dealers at riding full speed on powerful cocks giving their partners and themselves the sperm-soaked orgasms! It’s high time Marge Simpson to shove seomthing inside this curvaceous and hottie!

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